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Φίλτρα αέρος TJ 3G Lifa Φιλανδίας

Building protection

Supply Air Filter (Lifa TJ 3G Filter)

Supply air filter, Supply air filters 3G HEPAeSORB Filters are designed to maintain healthy indoor air by preventing typical airborne contaminants, like particulate matter, VOCs, ozone, and odours, from entering the room air. They are installed as an integrated part of the ventilation system.

Patented 3G technology enables high filtration efficiency combined with very low pressure drop ( P/Pa), leading to both very high and long lasting loading capacity.

All TJ models are equipped with electric charger and UV-light in order to guarantee 100% microbe-killing efficiency.

Can be integrated into building automation systems (e.g. LON local operating network)

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Table 1.    Filtration efficiency for particles (0.3 µm)
Table 2    Filtration efficiency for particles 99.5% and for gases 95%

Lifa 3G Filter is developed mainly for airborne contaminants typical in urban environments. It is designed is to prevent contaminants such as fine particles, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ozone and odours from entering room air and to maintain healthy indoor air quality. Thanks to its high filtration efficiency, it provides heightened, although not complete protection against biological agents. Moreover, it removes also some chemical agents with low vapour pressure such as sarin and mustard gas. However, due to the high toxicity of the biological or chemical agents it is recommended that Lifa 3G Filter is not used alone as a security filter. It is an ideal prefilter for High Security Filter, extending the service life of the much more expensive Carbon-filter.

3G Filter system to be installed as an integrated part of the ventilation system.


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